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Welcome Post:

Hello Everyone,
We wanted to welcome you all to our new Youtube Channel, Facebook page, Twitter account and website. So much social media stuff to do. Anyways, we started up this channel and website because we are into to all kinds of geeky stuff and wanted to create our own brand of entertainment. You may notice some familiar faces here. We’ve all had a hand in helping with the Beat Down Boogie channel on various projects. We started this channel because we wanted to branch out and try some different projects but you can sort of think of us as a sister channel to Beat Down Boogie. We are all great friends and we definitely plan to cross promote each others channels as much as possible. Speaking of which, you need to check out their new Mario Warfare series that will be dropping soon. It will make your head explode. I saw a recent rough cut and it is quite literally the best thing they have done to date. Alright, so now back to our channel.

What you can expect – We’ll be launching new videos every Tuesday so make sure you subscribe to the Youtube Channel, here, to be notified of each new release. We’ll be covering live events, doing mini documentaries on cosplayers and people with crazy collections and we’ll be launching ongoing web series, the first of which will be Cos Patrol that features Snake from Metal Gear and Modern War Gear Solid (more cross promotion). Think of it as Cops and Reno 911 mashed up with pop culture icons like Batman, Morpheus, Cobra Commander and more. This is just the beginning. We have much bigger plans but for right now we are trying to get our feet underneath us.

We’ll do our best to bring you some awesome entertainment. We also look forward to hitting the road and meeting a lot of you at conventions and other events. Thanks for checking us out.

Blake, Justin and Matthew

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from us:

Cosplayer Chronicles:

Cos Patrol:

Event Coverage (Heroes Con 2012):

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